What are customers are saying

"You can't put a price on reading!"

Evgenyi writes: "For sometimes 2 nights I can not sleep before your book sale. Your volunteers  are very nice.  You are for sure number one."


"I just bought that book for $27 at [national book store chain]. I could have saved myself $21 and bought it here!"


"I've attended book sales up and down the eastern coast. Your sale really is the best. Whenever possible, I make the trip to Bethlehem for your sale."


"It is really nice to come to a used book sale and not have to sift through junk to find great books."


"Wow! This sale is amazing!"


"I coordinate visiting my mom with attending your book sales. I come all the way from Arizona. I see her more often now!"


"This is the most exquisite book sale I have ever seen!"


Janice from Allentown exclaims, "On the night before the sale I can't sleep. I'm so excited!"