Frequently Asked Questions

What do you have at your book sales?

Our novels and mysteries are arranged alphabetically by author. Non-fiction (information) books are separated by subject. Trade books occupy their own shelves. This is not your boxes-on-tables style of book sale. The room is set up like a book store with easily discernable sections. Children have a separate area, as do teens.


What are your prices?

We only mark the specials. For books without a price sticker, hard covers are $1 and paperbacks are 50 cents. Specials consist of rare, newly published, unusual, or books in excellent condition and are  priced accordingly.


Do you have a presale?

No. We provide everyone with equal access to the sale.


Do book dealers receive special attention?

Book dealers should be very careful to keep their boxes or bags out of the way of aisles, other customers and the elevator. There is no sorting area. In fact, our policy disallows sorting. When you remove a book from the shelf, table, or display,  you make a choice to purchase it or return it to the same spot. You may only pick up one book at a time. Of course, you may return to the same shelf and make another choice, but you cannot grab multiple books at a time. We expect all of our customers to be courteous to each other. Click on the HOME tab to review our book sale policy (at the bottom of the page).


Do you have a bag sale or reduce prices towards the end of a sale?

No. We feel our prices are reasonable and competitive. If a book does not sell, we are willing to wait for it to sell at the next sale. Actually, we have very few books left over after a sale.


Do students get a discount?

Yes. We encourage students to show their college id. to receive a 10% discount. Friends of the Library receive a 10% discount when they show their membership card.


What do you sell besides books?

DVDs,music CDs, audiobooks on CDs, sometimes children's puzzles or games, occasionally maps, posters, art prints. We do accept vinyl records in perfect condition with album covers that are not warped or stained.


Do you accept donations?

Donations are our bread and butter! 90% of our hard cover and paperback books are donations. We accept donations ANYTIME the library is open. Bring your books, movies, and music to the front desk. If you need a cart to wheel them in, ask for one! But remember, we only want items in GOOD to EXCELLENT condition. So if the books smell or have been stored in damp or dirty conditions, please take them to the recycling center instead.


Do you take encyclopedias?

No. We do not accept textbooks or magazines either.


What should I do if I buy more than I can carry?

No worries. We have volunteers to help you.



Still have more questions?

Contact us directly.  We'd be happy to assist you personally.